About us


Rosanne Belgians

My name is Rosanne Belgers and together with my brother Tom I would like to welcome you in our brand new accommodation Heuvelrijk Berg en Dal. At the age of 30, can you already have 29 years of experience in the tourism sector? Yes, I can!


In my childhood I grew up on my parents' campsite. When I was a little girl I used to bring out newspapers, help the animation team and bake fresh sandwiches for our guests in the morning. Hospitality is our motto. After high school I started to study tourism & recreation. A fascinating time with great internships, also abroad. After my studies I gained experience at Sanadome Nijmegen and the Rabobank. I was able to put my sense of hospitality into practice at these companies in a very fun way.


And then, uh... my desire to start my own business in tourism coincides with an idea of my father and my grandfather. Grandpa wanted to get away from it more often, but what if you've done everything so well at home? (Grandpa was also used to some extra comfort because he was getting a bit worse on his feet) My father took this idea and started to develop it. Together with the ideas of my brother and myself, Heuvelrijk Berg en Dal was born. Full of enthusiasm and energy we strive for a great experience for you as a guest. And therefore also for the guests who are a bit worse on their feet. This in memory of my grandfather, who unfortunately did not get to see the end result.


We look forward to welcoming you! Do you have specific wishes? Please contact us, our goal is a great stay where you will have a great time. See you soon!